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2009-05-21 18:39:35 by yarvenclog

Someone out there, please read this!!!

I just finished the first project of my get shit done summer. where I plan to get shit done. Im talk'n web site new animations comics art projects and possibly even a game. it is gonna be epic. The game will take some time though, but Im freakn psyked!!!

if you dont read this you will die, all of you.....


2009-03-10 14:11:24 by yarvenclog

does anyone ever read these.... I thought so.

working on 2 new flashes, I hope to have 1 done by the end of the month.

I will devour your children.

hiatus is officially over

2008-11-24 22:16:52 by yarvenclog

for all one of me reading this, I was about 10 months long, but I am now animating again, yeah its for christmas...

Well my new short is out it is called harry potter and the order of fries. The title has nothing to do with anything, so dont sweat it. Also I am probably going to delay my santas demon robot baby episode two for a little longer, because I just got inspired to make an amazing flash that very well may get me front page, heres to hoping!!.

Harry potter and the order of fries!! out now!


2008-01-15 20:29:28 by yarvenclog

Here it is, (though I am a little late posting this) Traction man! The greatest hero of the mall! it is the beginning of my first flash series, my secondary series is a continuation of my first flash, Santa Claus' Demon Robot Baby, and in between the two I will be making various shorts. Up first on my list is a harry potter spoof, how original is that!

Traction man #2 is being scripted, also if anyone who knows music would like to make a theme song to traction man it would be much appreciated. Also for all those people who dont read these posts, you will never get my super secret suprise...



2007-10-31 21:15:52 by yarvenclog

okay for all those who arent reading this i have to tell you right now that those dates i gave you are mostly wrong. traction man will come out a lot earlier and and the gungrave flash will come out a hell of a lot later but the new scdrb will be the same

working hard

2007-10-19 00:43:30 by yarvenclog

well its been a while since my last submissions but for anyone who cares, i have been hard at work on three new submissions, the first is a gungrave music video kind of thing, that will probably be out around end of november or early december. the next is the second installment of my santas demon robot baby, i hope to have it out before christmas. and finally there is traction man episode one, thats the new series that im starting and its freakn hilarious, that will be out in 08 sometime. i will try to keep to these loose dates. im not even sure if anyone reads this stuff

all old flashes out

2007-09-29 23:50:02 by yarvenclog

well i got all of my old moho flashes out into newgrounds. right now im working on a gungrave flash and another santa claus' demon robot baby and finally a new series called traction man. hope your looking forward to it.

by the way, i just got the new dethklok dethalbum, it kicks so much ass.

i hope someone reads this


2007-09-26 16:42:38 by yarvenclog

my very first flash is up and running, i just hope it doesnt get blammed

any ways there is more to come, for all of you who are actually reading this, i am getting better at flash and i will be creating some series in the future. so stay tuned